Pressure Cooker/ Slow Cooker Yogurt

After years of trying to figure it out, I have hacked the perfect homemade yogurt with multi-use kitchen gadgets. (I love kitchen gadgets!)

First I used the Probe mode on the Hamilton Beach Stay n’ Go slow cooker to bring a gallon of milk to 180 degrees and hold it there for a half hour. (When it switches to “Warm” mode it actually keeps the milk right at 180!) It was slow, but no stirring was required! Just skimmed off a milk skin at the end.

I cooled the milk in the unplugged slow cooker, using a thermometer inserted in the probe hole to monitor the temperature.

Then before bed I stirred in the dregs of a tub of plain Dannon yogurt, transferred the milk to the Ambiano 9-in-1 pressure cooker – a $50 Aldi deal – and cooked it on Yogurt mode for 9 hours. No stirring. No monitoring the temperature. The hardest part was straining it in the morning. Double-folded cheesecloth over fine mesh wire strainer over large bowl.

I got 64 ounces of the mildest yogurt ever, plus .33 gallon of whey, which can be used for lots of probiotic applications. (The three most popular are: pancakes, in lieu of buttermilk, sourdough bread, and fermented vegetables.)

Overall this was a very easy process. And the family all approve. They’ve never liked any yogurt I made before. Success!

To sweeten the yogurt, I cooked sugar, cream, and vanilla in a pan until it was all liquidy, and then stirred it into the yogurt after straining.

(The pressure cooker is pictured here with 9 steam-boiled eggs I just finished. I love boiling eggs in this cooker because first, it self-times, and second, you can always predict where the yolks are because the eggs steam upright on a rack instead of rolling around in water. This is important when making deviled eggs, or as my mom used to call them, “Angel Eggs.”)


  1. My late wife was a master of what I called “jazz cooking”. She did yogurt using a regular heat pad from the pharmacy. Started with plain Dannon yorgurt and good whole milk. Filled a few Mason jars of the completed mixture, set them on the corner of our bathroom counter, wrapped the heat pad around the and towels around that to maintain temp. A couple of days later there would be yogurt. It took her a lot of work to find the right alchemical combination but it made yogurt.

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