The Seer’s Speech: A Free Translation

Outer Space Planet

Then the seer opened her mouth and spake these words, though it seemed to those who heard her that she slept:

Now the hosts of the air and of the lower heavens are descending, and at length they gather around us to witness and to watch.

And one saith to another and yet another, that among men a great confusion hath again been sent. And the mass of mankind is like a lump of dough, that is mixed with harsh blows, and every part is removed to another part. And the leaven of confusion must ferment the lump for yet several periods of time before the conflagration comes that will make firm the loaf.

And he saith, Now among mankind the pure of heart yet remain, though their number is small. And among these a few have insight and vision. Yet the evil that rises again and again cannot be put down unless it is revealed, and it cannot be revealed unless it is allowed to rise for a time. Therefore the pure of heart are constrained, and a veil is placed over their mind, even over the front part of their head wherein men conceive and plan deeds. So these shall understand, and bear witness with us, yet nothing they assay to do shall prosper for the time.

And another saith, that stands above these three, The Great God hath pity for these. Let them a little space that they may find some joy in the span of their lives, which is short.

Now the pure of heart, that have insight, are shown in dreams how it is with them, so that if they will they might spend their time in humbleness and peace, fleeing the evil and hiding their little ones from the conflict, rather than hoping for a victory which can not come until the hour.

But a few stand forth yet to strive, although they can not triumph until the hour comes. For they say, we are warriors in heart, and so The Great God hath given us to be. Therefore our glory is to fight, and we will fight on the side of that which is good, even if it cannot triumph until the hour.

And neither hath blame from those who witness and who watch; yet what The Great God shall declare regarding them no one knows until the day of judgment; but this is so with all men.

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