Why Fascists Want Mothers Working

Picket Fence

A while ago I discussed the unrecognized presence of every-day fascism in American life – often disguised as “liberalism” simply because it is embraced by left-leaners. (Of course fascism has never really been a conservative movement; the classical fascists were literally called “National Socialists” – Nazis.)

At the end of that post I asked the question, “Why would fascists want mothers in the workforce instead of at home?”

I didn’t give the answer because I wanted to provoke thought, but I’ll tell you what I think now. It is simple. Earned income is taxable; money saved is not.

If I save our family $50,000 this year because of all I do that we don’t have to pay others to do, that’s a net benefit to our family of a full-time income, or so. But the government doesn’t get any of that benefit. We keep it all.

Mussolini defined fascism as the belief that everything is from the state and therefore everything should be to and for the state. For the fascist, the idea of women living outside the soft slavery of employment, contributing nothing to the tax-joy from which the political class derives its power, is abhorrent. It does nothing for the state.

In the 1940’s, fascists were still far-seeing enough to realize that strong families produce good workers, and mothers at home produce strong families. 2018 American fascism recognizes nothing but money.

You may think that the times just change – sort of drifting along and doing what they will. Not true. In our time, social engineers devise the way society will change decades in advance. They get the message out to those within the circle of enlightenment, and everyone does their part to further the agenda, from government careerists to media and entertainment personalities to academics.

Here’s an article from the mainstream publication ‘Today’ about what has happened to American middle class families as a result of economic engineering.

Although nominally a housewife, I find housework painfully boring and isolating. My husband and I share the responsibility, and in return we are tolerant of messy and even dirty conditions, and I take on more responsibility of other kinds. I’m trying to start a home business. I’m grieved, in the end. The life I want is not within my power – nowhere near. Not even a moderate version of it. I have to watch my children’s potential wither.

When Robert Frost graduated from high school, even rural public high schools were still teaching Latin and logic. He based his highly popular poetry on the rhythms of Virgil, learned in that small rural public school. His was the last graduating class to enjoy such privilege. America decided that public schools were not there to do academic things; they were there to manipulate society and give lucky people better jobs. Now if you want to give your kids the kind of education Robert Frost enjoyed – well, you can’t, because he had learned teachers and the company of decent youths as fellow-students. But you can at least teach the same subjects through enormous personal and financial sacrifice. You can homeschool, like I do. And that doesn’t leave much time for housework and a home business.

This kind of situation may lead people to the conclusion that housewifery is inherently undignified, drudgery, and a terrible fate. The truth is, a lot of changes in society by heavy handed governments has created this problem.

Take the case of front lawns. Did you know that the invention of front lawns helped to destroy neighborhoods and destroy the happiness of housewives? Here’s how it happened. It used to be that front yards had a fence and a gate – the proverbial picket fence – and behind it was not a lawn, but a kitchen garden. There, mothers would work in the cool of the morning and evening, producing food for their families that would cut down on their grocery bills. While outside, they would see other stay-at-home parents working in their gardens, and they would talk to one another. If congenial, they would become friends. If not, they would at least try to be cordial. This was actual, concrete “society” – the people whose opinion of you actually mattered, and who you might have to depend on if things went bad. Meanwhile, children played outside and learned their way around the neighborhood because someone was always outside. Neighborhoods were safer and friendlier.

Why did the front garden die? Because city governments hired planners, who used their power to require that families populate their front yards with continuous, smooth, park-like lawns. Soon, a perfect lawn became a sign of status and of compliance. People stayed off the grass. They stopped having a reason to be out on the street. Neighborhoods became terrified clusters of strangers and parents started keeping their kids indoors to get fat and contract ADHD and autism because of their unnatural, vampire-like lifestyles.

Oops, I got carried away there at the end. Still.

Interference should be saved for the prevention of evil. Engineering people and societies has only done harm, not good.


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