Some of my favorite old work

I found this little hand-drawn booklet stuffed in some family pictures. I’m pretty sure I made it as a gently hyperbolic joke on my own character.

Behildajane Bay Window Type

Here my character, Behildajane, is perfectly blissful watching out the window a little ordinary bird eating some seed. Behind her, the viewer can see a houseful of half-finished chores.

Behildajane Eleven Type

Behildajane, much like me today, has taken out a box of keepsakes from a time long ago. She is nostalgic, memory-driven, and needs to touch and see her memories in the form of keepsakes to keep her past selves alive in her. The ornaments on the wall indicate her dual, colorful, mercurial nature, while the more ordinary objects on the floor are grayed out and dull.

Behildajane Franklin Type

Behildajane is reading – but she can’t simply sit in a chair taking in information. She needs to orient herself around the material by living it or acting it out. At the very least, she can’t help identifying with, and imagining herself as, the people she reads about.

Behildajane Santa Type

Behildajane is innocent, open-minded, and needs to try her beliefs out practically. She also loves animals, as indicated by the presence of her black cat in each picture. The black cat hints that she remains optimistic about life despite her bad luck and disappointments.

Behildajane Handel Type

Behildajane takes life, and especially great art, so seriously that she seems odd to others. The people sitting near her are have a pleasant time, listening to the music with merely sufficient attention, or even chatting. Behildajane, on the other hand, has prepared for this concert as if she were in the choir.

Behildajane Actress Type

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