A New Literary Journal for Inventive Literature (“Creative Writing”)


I’ll be mainly working at the Academy of Inventive Literature from now on, reading for and helping to design the Author’s Journal of Inventive Literature. Right now I’m doing a lot of writing for the website, which is under construction but has partly gone live as of yesterday.

Many of the conclusions and ideas to which I’ve muddled here, with my helpful readers as witnesses, participants, sounding-boards, and challengers, are appearing there and helping to shape the Academy’s policies.

I do hope to see some familiar names in my submission pile.

AIL is not an educational institution – rather it is an informal and voluntary association for imaginatively hungry writers, readers, and critics. Between online discussions, poetry and fiction workshops (modeled on the poetry challenges we’ve done here) and the Journal itself, there should be plenty to engage those of us who have enjoyed hanging around here at CiT.

Additionally, we’re hoping to collect a lot of pertinent reading material that’s in the public domain and organize it so that anyone who works his way through the material will emerge reasonably well-educated in the nearly lost arts of historic poesy.

We’re also eager to reach out to gifted writers looking for activities to help their development, outside the stultifying atmosphere of cleverness-saturated institutional academia.

Of course, any time I want to say something unrelated to “inventive literature” – or even just particularly incendiary – I’ll pop over here, I’m sure. My curmudgeon-in-training side must have an outlet.

I will not be writing for the Academy/Journal under my CiT name. Those of you who have become friends will no doubt recognize me anyhow. Those of you who haven’t are better left to guess.

See you around, all.


  1. Huzzah! Looks so promising and exciting! I was wondering what you were up to in the literary department, and if and when you would start publishing again, aside from here. Now having browsed the new site, I am sitting here smiling.

    As for myself, I haven’t written anything inventive in ages, not since our last poetry challenge. But I have been thinking it may be time to try again. Perhaps this will help light a fire.

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