Attempt at a Definition for the Word “Seriousness.”

Seriousness is an attitude in a person, toward some subject, assigning such importance to that subject that it eventually but inevitably mitigates against any frivolous, insufficient, dishonest or partial approach to that subject. 

Note: True seriousness must be distinguished from an attitude which might be termed pseudo-seriousness, under the influence of which people assign an inherently partial importance to a subject: “this is important to me.” Pseudo-Seriousness often manifests with impressive intensity and attachment. Ultimately, however, it requires a person to manipulate the subject in order to provide the desired benefits to the person. Seriousness assigns importance to a subject either with regard to the whole of humanity, or inherently. 


    • Interesting. I think there’s an important distinction in that it is possible to be serious about something that is actually unimportant – which would be a case of bad judgment and irritate ones near ones. Sobriety, or circumspection, would prevent this as it provides the ability to see clearly all around an issue. So it is a character quality of careful and accurate judgment. Seriousness in the way I’m talking about it is not really a character quality. It can be appropriate or inappropriate.

      I guess you could say that a person who is too serious, or about the wrong matters, lacks sobriety.


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