Poetry Challenge 13: Rhetorical Devices

I’ve been having fun surveying the list of rhetorical devices on Wikipedia. A lot of them I recognized from my favorite reading, or have used without knowing what it was. I think that you probably would have the same experience!

The more literary “tricks” we include in our work of literary art – provided we do so naturally and seamlessly – the more it becomes art and the less it becomes mere talk.

My poetry challenge this week (I’m giving us a little extra time) is to write a poem using at least four of the rhetorical devices from this list. When you post your poem on September 12th, 2016 (thereafter the challenge remains open in perpetuity) please list the four (or more) rhetorical devices you used in the poem so that we can have the fun of trying to find them. Responses to the poems will focus on detecting and evaluating the use of those devices.

Try to use at least one you’ve never used before!

Happy Writing!


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