Link: The Hymn as Literature

It’s a book, and I’ve read much of the first chapter, and it just happens to loosely tie in to a discussion involved in our most recent challenge. And it’s interesting and sound. And it reminds me a little of how sadly off the U.S. has been without established religion.

Here’s the link. Take a look at the first chapter, at least.

Hymns were the primary part of my early poetic experience – I mean earlier than when I began to read regular poetry. If that’s like you, you may find as I did that it’s a relief to distinguish the resulting hymnological instincts from the otherwise poetical.


  1. This site you linked to, what a find for me! I even found there a book purportedly by Albertus Magnus–a nickname used occasionally by my dear grandmother when I was too young to know, or care to learn, what it meant.

    I benefitted from reading the first chapter about hymnody. It helped me address a prejudice I have been living unhappily with—about hymns I learned aso a child being too simple, too emotional for my “grown-up” tastes (a contradictory attitude for one who has lately come to love hymns like those that I heard this morning at St Basil the Great Orthodox church)

    I plan to read much more at ccel. Thank you for the reference.


    • Oh good! I’m glad it helped. Honestly, it had a similar effect for me. I memorized many hymns as a teenager and have struggled to know what to do with them. I do appreciate writing that helps me in the construction of sound opinion.


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