Update on Poetry Challenge

I must first apologize for my delay in opening up the poetry challenge, “A Light Exists in Spring.” I won’t bore you with excuses, but I hope to have the post up tomorrow.

I do want to give a little extra time anyhow because I noticed something odd about the version I copied here, from a book I considered authoritative. In the third stanza the rhyme scheme is broken – we have “tree” and “you.” My initial investigations (mostly just looking to see what others have posted online) didn’t solve my perplexity. Some have ‘you’ as I have; others have ‘me’ which rhymes, but I don’t know for certain that it’s what our poetess wrote.  After all, if a great poetess wants to suddenly stop rhyming and then start again, she can, right? And who knows whether she pronounced her words differently enough that it somehow worked for her?

So for the purposes of this challenge, either ‘you’ or ‘me’ will be considered correct.

If anyone knows the story of the correct reading, let us know. I’ll see what I can turn up.

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  1. I can’t wait to see your poem! I have one but I’m not very sure of it. (It doesn’t utilize tree/you or tree/me as was unaware of the latter variation and did not recognize in the former even a potential rhyme. Although it’s interesting to speculate about a possible pronunciation that would make one.)

    I’ve been reading a lot of Emily Dickinson today. Very satisfying and humbling! I love “A Narrow Fellow in The Grass.”

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