Now the Angels All Around – for Emily

written November 2014
with a caroling tune in a major key


Now the angels all around
Make a sweet and joyful sound
Now the holy carolers
Tune their anthem to human verse


Holy Nativity,
Blessed Holy Baby,
Sacred have you made the manger
and your blessed Holy Mother

Under Heaven, deep and still
Singing sweetly on this hill
David kept his flocks by night
longing for this holy sight

“Daughter of anointed kings
You are fair within,” he sings
“Though you’ve left your father’s hall
be the Mother of us all”

Righteous husband, David’s heir
Pass the royal hopes you bear
to another Father’s child
Guard his Mother undefiled

David’s Son and David’s Lord
Take Your father’s throne and sword
Visit now Your Ark of Grace
Rise and go to Your resting place

Now the towns of all the earth
Bless the town of David’s birth
And to David’s family
Bring their holy courtesy

Holy Nativity,
Blessed Holy Baby,
Sacred have you made the manger
and your blessed Holy Mother



  1. Some imperfect rhymes here, but it turns out to be quite singable. Merry Christmas to everyone who stumbles upon this blog, and to those who visit intentionally.


    • I’m not sure which Emily this may have been meant for, but the music of these lines is not lost on me! A very merry Christmas to you, my dear friend. -EPW


      • Oh, hah, this is the one I gave you as a present last year. It’s definitely yours. Since I wrote it for you I will always acknowledge you when I use it.

        I think it needs a better tune, though.

        Merry Christmas to you as well! Love always.


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