“Every instance of finite becoming or thought or desire subsists in the creature’s ‘ecstasy’ out of nonbeing into the infinite splendor of God”

This is one of those theological writings that is argued so well that everything said seems simply obvious and common-sense. Well done, David Bentley Hart, and thank you Fr. Aiden Kimel!

Eclectic Orthodoxy

What then, one might well ask, is divine providence? Certainly all Christians must affirm God’s transcendent governance of everything, even fallen history and fallen nature, and must believe that by that governance he will defeat evil and bring the final good of all things out of the darkness of “this age.” It makes a considerable difference, however—nothing less than our understanding of the nature of God is at stake—whether one says that God has eternally willed the history of sin and death, and all that comes to pass therein, as the proper or necessary means of achieving his ends, or whether one says instead that God has willed his good in creatures from eternity and will bring it to pass, despite their rebellion, by so ordering all things toward his goodness that even evil (which he does not cause) becomes an occasion of the operations of grace. And it is…

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  1. Yes, DB Hart has a way, does he not? Did you, by chance, read through the comments thread on Fr Aidan’s Readings in Universalism page ? It is the best comment thread I have ever been a part of. DB Hart had some of those “ἀλληλούϊα” insights like above. I recommend taking a peek.


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