Listening to Byzantine Chant (Tone 2)

Here’s the second installment of that Byzantine Tone series I requested. I recommend it to everyone who feels a need to become better acquainted with that form of music that has been the emotive crucible of Orthodox sentiment for a very long time.

Palestinian Chanter

After a long break, I finally have some time to dedicate to my blogging. I started a while back a thread on listening to byzantine chant and put together the first piece on the 1st tone. Today I hope to shed some light on the different forms of the 2nd tone and the different emotion it evokes, at least inside me.

Since the 2nd tone has no equivalent in Western music, it is possibly more difficult for listeners who grew up listening and appreciating Western music.

As I was considering the emotional impact of the 2nd tone on the listener I realized that no matter what the tone is, our byzantine music tone, are tones of resurrection. So, no matter how we use the different tones of byzantine music, the most essential troparion (chant) for each tone is the resurrection troparion of the tone. For that reason each tone, beside…

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