Announcing the Next Poet’s Challenge

So I have been casting about for another challenge, to pursue in the following two weeks. We may return to the first-line challenge another time, but I want to try something a little different. This time, I am going to propose a set of rhymes, that a famous poet used in one of his poems. On Tuesday, June 17th I’ll post a poem I’ll have written using those rhymes, and I invite you all to do so as well. Mutual enjoyment and critique is proposed.

Part of the fun will be posting the original poem in the post come the 17th, and then we can all put our own poems in the comments.

We can use all of the rhymes, or only some; we can use them in this order, or in a different order; we can use them as end-rhymes or as internal rhymes. The only real limitation I would like to establish is that we avoid using any other rhymes beside these. (After all, what would a challenge be without at least one rule?)

Here are the rhymes:


If you need a little more to work with or want to increase the difficulty, consider this additional set:


Have fun!


  1. I may have to sit this one out. Early next week Mary Anne and I are going to Toronto then Niagara Falls 50 yrs late for the honeymoon we never had. (would you believe I took her to a remote trout stream in the Ozarks first time around.? And then, 25 yrs later, as we were driving through upper NY state, she pointed out that we were only 30 miles from the Falls and couldn’t we just take a small detour. Nope. DOPE here said we had to get where we were going.) So I’m not taking my tablet to Canada, or anything that might keep me out of the moment. I’ll check in when we return in late June. I love these discussions, but I have at least two greater loves and they’re both going to Canada with me.


  2. I’ve got a first draft as of yesterday. 🙂 I like this challenge. The stricter limitations give a meditative quality to it. . . you have to really stay with the given words through the whole creative process to keep the poem from running off in different directions. Really looking forward to seeing all the other poems that come from this! Now to think about something else until the 17th. . . lol.

    Happy Anniversary, Albert!

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    • Wonderful! Remember, you can always make multiple entries. Sometimes my second or third attempt is my best.

      But, if that’s not how it works for you… hopefully the next few posts will provide some material for thought.


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