An Example of Local Craft

An Example of Local Craft

Wisconsin Sign

So, a while ago I posted this link to my sister’s shop, and then she stopped making things for a while, to go to school. But now she’s back at it and I am so excited by the beautiful work she and her husband are doing that I wanted to post the link again. They salvage wood and parts from Wisconsin barns that are falling apart or being torn down, and turn these things and other old pieces into useful furniture and signs. Maggie (my sister) does her own lettering.



    • Apparently they are not running an Etsy shop right now, nor do they have a physical location for their shop. They are simpy selling out of their home. Clicking “message” on the facebook page is probably the easiest way to get in touch.

      Just a word of warning – Maggie told me that she has not been able to sell to out-of-state clients because the shipping charges on such large items are often prohibitive for the customer.


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