A Brief Thank-You

I want to thank everyone who has commented. I must seem very stubborn, and I guess I am, but the truth is that I was unable to fully formulate and think through, and prune and clarify and correct, the intuitive insights I have been trying to talk about, until challenged by my readers and commentors. Thank you all for the ongoing and fruitful conversation.


  1. I’ve found the conversations quite fruitful as well. I rather wish I were chiming in more instead of going silent for (what often seems to me) long stretches at a time, but my thoughts are cautious and move slowly. 😉

    At any rate, I’ve been coming increasingly to view fundamentalism and feminism as paradoxically alike in a devaluing of the feminine principle, which not infrequently results (as per the recent example you shared) in contempt for actual women. I’ve also been coming increasingly to feel that humble veneration of the Theotokos is the simplest and clearest first step forward out of the personal and sociological mess. So, this is something. We’ll see. 🙂


    • Leah, I think that’s wonderful. I’m glad you’re here and thinking along with us.

      Veneration of the Theotokos is certainly approaching very near the ideal of femininity. I’m glad you are becoming a little more comfortable with that. I also feel a deep veneration for her mother Anna, without whose holiness Mary could not have been who and what she was, and who conceived Mary in the same way we conceived our children. The grandmother of God…


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