Folk Song to “Wayfarin’ Stranger”


I called you early in the morning;
I called at noon; I called at three.
And now the day falls toward the gloaming –
if I come soon, will you be free?

1. Will you come out for just an hour
to walk with me beneath the trees?
I found you hiding in your bower
with your head hung between your knees.

2. Have you gone to another lover?
“I did, but soon he hated me.
My passion flowed then like a river.
It flowed away, but I’m not free.

3. I walked a mile dressed as a fool.
I ate a stone of greenish hue.
Rather than taste his ‘love’ so cruel,
I’d gladly fall and break on you.

4. Oh will you take me to your mountain?”
If you can walk from morn to eve.
“And will you sing the Odes of Solomon?”
If you can bear to hear me grieve.


  1. This is “Jane”, btw. . . I logged in with facebook because your site was asking me for a wordpress account password that I apparently don’t remember and was too lazy to bother to reset. 🙂 Hopefully fb gives you my email when I comment? Or you could friend me on fb and we could talk that way if you are comfortable.


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