Jesus, Taker Of Souls

Jesus, you are the taker of souls,
you are the secret thief of souls.
Under cover of night you steal your daughter
from pirates who curse and strike the air.

Jesus, you are the divine piper
and every soul who hears you
throws away his living and runs after you
leaving his winding-sheet in the road.

Jesus, you are the all-loved man.
Masked in darkness, you draw out the soul
of a dying man from its lifelong home.
Though he is terrified he surrenders.

Jesus, you are the taker of souls
for every soul that hears your name
immediately tries to give away his life
so he can be free to join your Company.

Jesus, you are the teacher who sings to souls.
A shock went through the body human
And all men in their souls looked wildly
for the light that suddenly shined on them.

Jesus, you are the all-loved man
for every one who thinks he runs from you
leaps into your arms and he who chases you
tries to hold a bundle but drops it in the path.


  1. Excellent poem! Here and there reminds me a little of the poetry of Kahlil Gibran, or of Rabindranath Tagore. I cannot escape, either, the image of Krishna, playing his flute, summoning the gopis from their sleep to join him in the rasa dance in a forest clearing in the dead of night under a full moon. Yes, a pagan god, a myth, yet pointing to the Man whose every attribute fulfilled the longings of all hearts, the One you rightly call, Taker of Souls.

    Thank you, sister.


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