A Day of Scented Thyme

Jasper, come now down the broken stone stair!
I can’t prove that coming is better than staying;
but I think it’s worth saying,
and just worth a care,
that between every stone, hairy lemon thyme grows:
I’ve crushed some already beneath my bare toes.

You think it’s no virtue to please one’s nose.
Still it’s no vice, either, Heaven knows!


  1. Yeah, thanks for coming around.

    I got rejected when I tried to submit some of my stuff for publishing. And voila, I got my sense of humor back in that very moment. Poof! Marvelous experience, rejection. Everyone should try a little of it. It’s very freeing – you say, well, heck, I guess I’m not writing for these other boobs after all. I can just say whatever I want to say and if it wants to rhyme, let it!


  2. Don’t ever worry about getting published. They take what sells not what’s good, and it’s hit and miss that both should occur together.

    You have some poetry of great insight, gift and genius.
    The art and the desire were planted in you for a reason.
    He knows what it is.

    Keep writing.


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