In Praise of a Husband

Like Christ you do not splash about
in the shallows of me.
You well up from deep places,
somehow you make the deep places, even.
Like Christ, you are born again
in my heart, where you shine as a radiance
visibly unseen.
Like Christ, you made me yours
to save me
from the death I was growing to love.
Like Christ you speak to me of the thoughts
I am afraid to admit.
“Yes, God does love you”
you said – when I had been silent for too long,
when I had only wondered about God’s love
silently in my mind,
to Christ.
And as the scriptures teach,
the great blesses the lesser.
This is why you bless me
every day of my life, why
God hears your prayers for me
when I cannot pray for myself.
Like Christ your meekness, your sincerity
cause you to be overlooked.
People look at us and think that I,
with my ridiculous pretensions to
knowledge and competence
am the likelier of us two.
You knew this;
like Christ you were never envious.

But the virtuous love you
and men of truth praise you.
And I, too, praise you now,
far later than I should.
I know of your patience,
the quiet grace that grows in you
unsuspected by yourself.
I know that you are serious in matters
where I have been too glib.
I know of your integrity,
I know that you labor for your father’s success
with an intensity that other men
lend to ambition, while you do it for love.
I know unspoken things that you have done
and forborne to do
for love.
This I know, and more,
and praise you.

Dear, Husband, my soul’s own soul,
bless me today
and to the end of days.


  1. Glory to God, and thank you, precious sister, for sharing this with us. God grant you and your beloved many years!

    Barukh ha-Ba!
    B’rukha ha-Ba’ah!
    Blessed be he, blessed be she, who come…
    ba-Shem Adonay!
    in the Name of the Lord!

    Be magnified as was Abram, be magnified as was Sarai.


  2. Thank you for your blessing, my dear. May it return to you tenfold. I know that the things you say to me speak of your own kindness, because they are too great for me. I do not speak for God – I am not even worthy to be considered a human being, but should be called Idolater, Liar, and Silly Woman.


  3. I notice a few changes for the better, and I will update it at CoD. Thanks for alerting me.

    Idolator, Liar, and Thief… that’s what I am—in short, a sinner. Find out more about me by talking not to my friends, but to my enemies. That will give you more cause to pray, since as St Basil says, “We are all deceived.”


  4. As am I, David. For my part, I know my wife to be the greater of the two of us. She is good to her very core.

    Thank you, Alana. You are in my prayers, always.


  5. Sorry to have to leave yet another comment, but…
    I was listening to an old favorite album of mine by a Scots folk group called The Incredible String Band, an album called “Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air.”

    This song, called “Red Hair” made me think of your poem tribute to your husband, Alana. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have a wife such as you, but listening to this song gave me a little bit of what that feeling must be like, and I want to share it with you both.

    Hope this link works. I have a Dropbox account, and this link goes to the song in my Public folder:

    Hope it works, and hope you like the song.


  6. This is very beautiful and touching.

    Perhaps one day I may be able to offer what your husband has given to you to someone I love. I hope so.

    This also reminded me of another recent poem by Brock Smith at Pilgrim v.s. The Denizens (this time to his wife):

    To the woman, whom I love – May 24th

    I’ve found the woman my heart loves
    Her brilliance is like the stars above
    Before the Lord, her heart is right
    And when I’m lonely in the night
    I turn to her, and we do pray
    Her birth I celebrate this day
    For she was given unto me
    And to me she will always be
    As Adam’s rib, beside me lay
    One whose in my heart all day
    The LORD my God is my True Light
    And for them both I’ll always fight
    Fight, fight for what’s right, my love
    A beautiful gift from The Name above.

    Sadly, I lack the subtlety of language to be a poet, although I would love to be. The only thing I can offer you is my simple opinion and honesty.

    With prayers,


  7. Pandelis, I like honesty and simplicity. Not everyone has to be a poet – but we all need to tell the truth, and poetry is just one way of telling the truth.

    And I, too, hope that you will find someone to love as Scottie loves me. Good people make good marriages, and what I mean by that is that it’s the discipleship you engage in and the work you do on your character that contribute to your future good marriage.


  8. But maybe it’s even more true that a good marriage contributes to good character! 😉

    God gives all that is good, may he richly bless you.


  9. Romanos, I finally listened to the Red Hair song (I’ve been traveling and there wasn’t a good place to listen to it, but I’m home now.) I also looked up the lyrics and you are right it is very beautiful. Such a direct yet surprisingly deep way of speaking about things that we experience when we step away from the merry-go-round of thinking, into “what we are and what we feel.”

    Thanks again.


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