A New Link: Yudhie’s Heart-Beat

I’ve added a new link,  Heart Beat, to my blogroll. Yudhie, a young Indonesian Orthodox Christian, has been inspiring many of us lately with his honest relations of the events of his own life, a truly Christian life. I don’t wish to endanger his peace with undue praise, but thanks be to God, through this lad he is encouraging many of us.

I wanted to explain why I refer to his blog (in the link description) as “Christianity Uncomplicated.”

I think there is something that really does complicate our Christianity, and our lives, in the case of most of us, at least most of us that blog. It is a bending of the mind in which we constantly evaluate our own state of consciousness, not in a helpful way but in a self-absorbed way. I at least am subject to this complication. It keeps me at a few step’s remove from whatever I am experiencing.

To illustrate:

Today my son and I will go to the zoo. There, we will take a ride on a little train. Johnny is obsessed with trains right now. Every time I take him I watch him in wonder. His delight with the train is not only intense, but it is free and uncomplicated by any consciousness of himself as a subject of that delight. He does not project an image of himself enjoying the train, as he rides the train. He does not say “I am on the train” he simply says “The train!” I’ve learned to encourage such uncomplicated delight. Too soon, no doubt, he will learn to watch himself think, feel, and know. Then he will begin watching himself watching himself. Eventually he will doubt that he is even capable of true  knowing. Then he will write languid blogposts describing himself going through this process.

Well, I hope not, but there’s every probability, you know. This is the postmodern disease.

On the other hand, Johnny is not afraid to talk about himself. If he builds a train out of his blocks he says, “I building train!” He contemplates his own acts in the same uncomplicated delight with which he approaches external objects. They are all given to him with the same joyful freedom. Nor is he so aware of the impression he makes that he feels a need to imply his own humility through self-deprecation.

Sadly, my son does not blog.

There’s an image in my mind of a scene I’ve seen in the scriptures and other ancient writings, but I’ve never seen in real life. Something curious or unexpected happens, and all the people nearby take off pell-mell, running together to get a good look at it. Didn’t they know how they appeared, doing that? Apparently that’s not what was on their mind.

So what I  wish is that one day I would stop saying, “I am approaching God” and say, simply, “God!”

Now that I’ve explained what I mean by ‘uncomplicated,’ there remains only to say that Yudhie’s writings seem to me an example of someone whose Christianity has retained a lot of this uncomplication. If many of us prefer his blog to more sophisticated journals, it’s probably because you get the sense there of being closer to a real human being than you normally get in the course of everyday life.

God bless you, Yudhie.

Here is part of a poem Yudhie posted recently.

Thou giveth me sound, sound story to tell
This is so fragrant like the smell..
of wild cherry in the mountains
and wonderful like
young lion roaring in the night dessert

This also a story about man of Thine
comes from North, West, Far…
His name once was Dew in my ear
But now he is Rain
Maketh green, clean and seen
the young leaves of forgotten forest


  1. Yes, Yudhie’s poem excerpted above is really fresh, and radiant, as are his other writings. I am also a writer, and I look for good poetry in the blogosphere. Altho he has posted few poems (maybe this is the only one), the Lord has given him great talent in languages and verbal expression. He is a beautiful soul.

    I wanted to draw others to his blog without subjecting him to the temptation of undue attention, and so I also posted an intro to Heart Beat on my blog:


    As a Christian Orthodox writer, you may also find the poetry of this Indian Christian brother very edifying. His name is Uday Ravi Varma. He is a member of the royal family of Travancore and its only Christian member (the dynasty is Hindu), and he lives in Bangalore. Here’s a link to his blog:


    Thanks for adding your link to Yudhie’s blog. I hope he will make many more friends in Christ through his blog visitors.


  2. How great is the kindness of your heart, that you consider and worth my unqualified blog. This is a blessing for me if my fellow pilgrims, especially you, glorify God, through the little and weak steps that He allows me to.

    Let all glory goes to Our Dearest Lord, for He is in the midst of us. And only Him alone worthy of Honor and Praise!

    Go with God every day!

    God bless you too, AR!


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