Today I’m Full of Wonderings

Today I wonder:

Why is my scanner not working?

Will I ever finish the plays and stories I’ve started? Do I really have it in me to be a writer or am I just a dilettante?

What is the next step to getting the mold smell out of that one area of my carpet?

Should I give up writing completely and just focus on music? If so, should I audit a college course on conducting or seek a private instructor in keyboard?

What can I make with pork chops, mushrooms, and a can of cream-of-mushroom soup? Add rice perhaps? Sauteed or baked?

Where can I find the Psalter in Greek? Will it help me to be a better Liturgical Musician if I memorize Psalms and Hymns in Greek?

Will we get this house that we want at the price we want? If we buy a house will our lives get easier or harder?

Is it possible for me to start a neighborhood children’s chorale? Are my ambitions leading me toward a healthier state of being? Or they really just distractions from the one thing that matters?

What are my best options for childcare next year?

Will God find a reason to remember me in his kingdom?

Should I set up that Extended Family Camp Meet for this summer or next summer?

What is man that Thou art mindful of him?


  1. Hii AR,
    Keep doing you best! I know sometimes there are many things to wonder :), but just do it one by one in simplicity yet at their best!

    God is with us! Christ is Risen!



  2. Big questions indeed! I am also in the midst of house-buying drama with my husband. I’ve come back to reading your blog after a break from internet (broken airport, and new baby). I have no answers for you, sorry!


  3. Eh…that’s OK. Airing the questions made me put my various worries in perspective. The point is, Mary and Martha seem to cohabit in my brain and I wonder sometimes how to seek the “one thing needful” with the “necessary things.”


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