Blogs That Don’t Belong in my Blogroll, but to Which I Wish to Link, Nevertheless

As I mentioned before, the criteria for being on my blogroll is that I feel a certain blog has proved to be a noticeable influence on whatever I’m doing in my own blog. There are a long list of blogs, however, that I read just for enjoyment. Here are four of the best-written of that long list.

O Cuniculi: Here’s an English fellow, a teacher of some sort, who’s always interesting. The name of his blog is a joke, in Latin, which I think I almost get. Warwickensis is a devoted Christian running a rather lonely race: a member of the Church of England who wants the Church to reconcile with Rome and begin taking things seriously again. Obviously, our ecclesiastical alliances differ. But his viewpoint is one with which I sympathize. Here’s a good sample post.

One Minute Book Reviews: And because Platform is not only a Christian blog, but a Writing blog as well, Here’s one of my favorite book places. What’s the use of doing something that takes only one minute, you ask? Oh – you didn’t ask that – it was the conscientous porcupine that burrows around in my mind. Well, sheer volume is part of the attraction here. Every single day, a new book is reviewed. Besides, Janice always insists on quality, and I like that.

Eastern Orthodoxy 2.0 Back to the religious theme: For those who know something about the Church but are interested in more detailed information, check out This blog. Reading current events can lay a gentling hand on that peculiar faux-religious passion that wants to automatically approve everything done in the name of one’s own religious persuasion. (It’s that passion, I believe, that makes church-people so dang gullible much of the time.) Leo is also refreshingly non-polemical, and that alone can lay a hand on certain other faux-religious passions that, er, fester a little closer to home.

And even though I took them off my blogroll a few months back, after they called a President’s wife the b-word, I could hardly pass by that decadent, snobbish, spitefully Roman Catholic and altogether delightful group blog, Patum Peperium. I found This Blog at Unknowing back in the day (which is now in my blogroll) but Joel’s taken them off his blogroll now too. Be warned: The P crowd has tremendously good taste in clothes, literature, and members of the opposite sex, but their musical selections are agonizing.



  1. A thousand thanks for noticing that I am about quality. Although One-Minute Book Reviews doesn’t have a specifically Christian focus, I am very concerned about the growing religious illiteracy.

    Last year I wrote about a book called “Religious Literacy” that published the results of a study that found that, among other things, 10 percent of Americans think that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife So there could never be too many blogs like yours that encourage thoughtful discussion of religious issues.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Janice, and thanks for the words of commendation about what I’m doing here. Not every blog has to be a blog about religion, and I love the exposure I get to so many different reading choices on yours. I’m also glad to be able to point my readers to a blogger/reviewer who’s so well qualified.


  3. i read your story, but would like to know how you came to use the name “cyrulla” in your story. This is a rare name in the world and would interest me to know more about how you came to use this. Always looking for long lost relatives.


  4. Peter, I assume you’re referring to my unfinished story, City of Wells and Stars. I believe I found the name ‘cyrulla’ in an old dictionary. I was looking for something that sounded like a real name, had some poetry to it, and wasn’t common in our world since Wellstars is a fantasy city. Sorry, no family connections.


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