Babies Going to the Chiropractor

Here’s Nicole Hoelscher Harms’ full story of a Chiropractor solving colic. Nicole is a friend and a published author of articles.

I would only add that if you are taking your child to the chiropractor it’s well to find one who has some training on the gentler techniques needed for children.

The last few days have been rough. From dinner until she finally collapsed from exhaustion at around 11 each night, Megan has been awake, screaming, and obviously in pain. Nothing is more difficult and emotionally draining for a mommy than knowing that her baby is in pain and she can’t help. “It’s just colic.” I could hear the well-wishing moms telling me already. “They’ll outgrow it. My (first/second/third) had it too.”This is not the first time we have been here. Natalie, our sweet little toddler, was a nightmare as a baby. She would either be eating, sleeping, or screaming. We did everything we could – gas drops, Zantac, rocking her to sleep, everything. I was a walking zombie, and Tim felt like work was a welcome escape.

Then we took Natalie to the chiropractor. Yes, I said the chiropractor. I made myself an appointment after five or six weeks because I could not stand the pain in my back anymore. I wasn’t supposed to take Natalie out that early because of her being a preemie, but I had to go. While I was there I decided to have her adjusted too. I mentioned to the doctor that she was on medicine for acid reflux. He checked her out, adjusted her back, and then flipped her over and started checking her stomach. Turns out she had a condition known as a haital hernia. This, basically, is a condition where the stomach is pushed up too high and is stuck in the ribcage. It causes severe heartburn and indigestion. I get these from time to time, and to me it feels like I have a pill stuck in my esophagus. He gently massaged her tummy. My tiny preemie slept through the whole thing.

Within a day Natalie was a different baby. I remember calling my mom marveling that my baby was contentedly sitting in her swing, awake, but not screaming. Within a week or two we were off of the medicines for acid reflux. She was the happy baby everyone knows her to be. Few people believe this because she was normal by the time I was able to take her out. However, those first five weeks were torture, and I believe a good part of why I developed postpartum depression.

So Megan has been screaming. It was colic. But we didn’t panic this time. We had some rough days, but as soon as the schedule allowed I made a chiropractic appointment. She had been adjusted at just five days old, but not since. We went today. He found eight places on her spine that were out, most of which controlled nerves that relate to the stomach, intestines, spleen, and gallbladder. She grunted through the adjustment, but otherwise was asleep. Then he flipped her over. Sure enough, she had developed the same hernia condition Natalie had had. Also, she had the valve between her small and large intestines stuck open. With some gentle massage he adjusted these two.

How does a baby get out of alignment? Most do at birth. The birth process is quite tramatic on the spine and neck. How did Megan get out of alignment between her first adjustment and this one? I don’t know, but I think I will ask at our next appointment, whenever that is. But I do know the difference between Megan yesterday and Megan today, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Tonight, Megan sat on her blanket, contentedly watching Natalie and Tim play. She enjoyed her swing for quite a while, ate without screaming, and is now in bed sleeping contentedly. It’s only 9:30. The pictures attached are the result of a trip to the chiropractor – a happy, content, colic-free baby.

So does the chiropractor work? You tell me. Would you rather have a screaming, in pain infant, or the one in the pictures? I know the answer for our family!

Of course, not all chiropractors are good. I drive an hour away to see mine. I found them by accident when we were first married, but they have saved us thousands. I was dealing with severe knee pain and was almost signed up for an MRI when I mentioned it to the chiropractor. One simple adjustment and my knee was good as new. Who knows what I would have had to do if I had continued on the path the orthopedic surgeon wanted. We also would have been paying out of pocket for acid reflux meds for both babies, and those are not cheap. Yes, I love my chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Pete!



  1. We have taken our baby boy to a chiropracter (in Belgium) as well…
    The day after he was much restfull too.
    Yes, chiropracters do some good work. If you can find one that is specialised in kids.
    Mine told me that this condition even causes attention problems in school when they’re older but it is “repairable” up to the age of nine.

    Our boy had a condition to his spine and mostly was stressed because he had had two operations already.
    But the chiropracter sorted out everything. Now we have the kindest, loveliest and sweetest boy I know (and so say others)


  2. Thanks for your interesting and helpful comment. What condition is that, exactly? I wonder if some kids are mistakenly diagnosed ADHD when the chiropractor could help.


  3. Laney, I agree with your comment about finding a chiro that is experienced with children. If I was in a position of having to find a new one, I am not sure what I would do. I really like the one we use, but I know there are some “less desireable” ones out there!


  4. Yes, the one we went to in WI had done work with kids in college, wanted to be a child specialist, and treated us very cheaply, in part so that she could get the experience with our son.

    Thanks, Nicole. Great article!


  5. it was something about one of the spinal disc that had moved fractions of a milimeter but enough to cause slight distress.
    The chiropracter said it was too little to cause real pain, but enough to give a general feel of uneasyness… (don’t know how to translate correctly)
    And this slight move of the disc could cause slow learning later in school and was the cause of our rather nervous son.
    Now he’s calm, friendly and whatever… a perfect kid…


  6. I’ve read this post before. However, I read it again since I have been seeing a chiropractor again recently. Sunday the 2nd I was talking to friends after church, and I coughed. I completely threw my back out. I was in agony. I went to a chiropractor the next day . ( A new one that I have never gone to since I haven’t needed one since I last moved.) I was in so much pain. I couldn’t even dress myself. My mom had to dress me. Anyway, with 4 treatments this past week. I have done much better. I still have about 5 more treatments.

    The point I trying to make is that too many people dis chiropractors and don’t think they are really doctors. I don’t have insurance, and this chiropractors has extremely reasonable fees and has saved me probably over a thousand dollars.

    Thanks for posting it. I can see why it is one of your most popular post.



  7. Thanks for the testimonial, OM. It really is an important health topic that not enough people understand yet. God’s mercy on you with your back condition, m’dear.


    • That’s what you’d think, but having seen some babies being treated I can vouch for the fact that they are not getting their back cracked! It’s more like a pin-point massage that gently moves the vertebrae back into alignment. Believe me it does wonders. Or, don’t believe me but talk to a chiropractor about it and see if he can allay your fears. Cheers!


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