Truly Dreadful Productions Debut, “Long, Long Ago”

It is with a deep sense of destiny – one that wrestles constantly, I may add, with an equally deep sense of personal humiliation – that I anounce the launch of my YouTube debut.

Click Here to hear me sing “Long, Long Ago” for Truly Dreadful Productions.

The sense of humiliation comes from the fact that this is the most dreadful rendition of an already dreadful song that you are likely to hear within the next month at least. The sense of destiny comes from my hope that when you have heard it, you will flee to cleanse your ears with something more lovely, or more profound, or at least more in-tune. What I mean to say is, it seems that with the help of truly dreadful art can we appreciate the value of truly good art in a new way.

Enjoy. Or rather, try your best not to.


  1. This is truly dreadful. It took me just a day to bring myself to even look at it. The first time I only lasted for a minute. The second time I only listened to about three, and at no time could I bring myself to watch it for more than about two seconds. I think you have succeeded at doing something than which it is hard to get worse.

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this myself. Congratulations.


  2. Why, thank you.

    Perhaps I should give up my long-held ambitions to be good at something and just focus on my wonderful talent for being dreaful.

    I got the idea from real life. Whenever “Scottie” is being particularly stubborn I sing for him like this and he caves. Usually within .5 seconds so his ears may be even more sensitive than yours.

    Next up, “There’s No Place Like Home” – performed completely in imitation of the saw. And my friend has agreed to do “As The Deer” in a red sequin dress.

    I wonder if I should offer a prize for the first person to get all the way through the video…eyes-on the whole time, of course.


  3. I don’t think I can really bring myself to do it. There is a subtlety to it I am not sure I can master and a sincerity that I can’t even contemplate. It is not anybody who can go beyond merely bad to truly dreadful.


  4. Ah. You fear you’d come up with a bad representation of good reading instead of a good representation of bad reading. You must be a genuinely happy person, for I believe this sort of sincerity rises from a conviction that it’s really oneself one is making fun of.


  5. That surprises me a bit. Are you saying that there’s a certain mocking quality about his poetry, or that it’s sincere in a purer way?

    I’ve only seen the Betjeman that you put on your blog. The poem about the nun was quite moving and I also listened to the gentleman reading the two poems which I liked.


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