Shall We Sin That Grace May Abound?

Do wrong so that we can have the pleasure of fixing the wrong we’ve done? Johnny votes ‘Yes!’

Our CD Tower is this lovely wooden piano-themed fixture. It undulates rather than rising straight up, and its sides are covered in carved, painted, and polished piano keys, almost lifesize. It’s one of my favorite pieces, and like most of them it came from my Crazy Aunt No. 2.

It is a source of fascination to Johnny as it was to his Uncle Chaz before him (Chaz used to come down to my bedroom for fifteen-minute visits: we’d converse, listen to music, make shadows on my wall, and he’d usually end up pretending to play piano on the side of my CD Tower.)

Now Johnny (who prefers to plunk away at the real piano when the cover is off) has done his own pretending. (Can a fourteen-month-old play-act? Yes, when expedient. The other day he mimed drinking from a cup, complete with very accurated sound effects, in order to get it across to me that he was thirsty.)

But for Johnny the real attraction is the stacks of CD’s. They make a lovely clatter when a little boy pulls them out of their slots and flings them on the floor in sparkling plastic heaps. Then, of course, he has the pleasure of seeing his Mum freak out, holler “NO!” (this greatly amuses Johnny, who sees his Mum as the original push-over.) And then he gets to show off his “putting” skills by putting the CD’s back in their slots.

It’s a win-win.

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